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  1. I hate to but I guess I am going to skip this one. I have already done Colossians. Pulled it out this afternoon and I think it was 1997 or 1993. I am working on finishing up Esther. I have already purchased my next two studies. I am moving along. A little slow but still forward movement. I pray you get a class to bounce questions off of. You are good at thought provoking questions. And getting answers to them. I always liked the review and the way you move through the Word. I am going to miss y’all.


    1. Kari Dent says:

      Yes, I have also done Colossians before. However, they have totally re-done the workbook and it now includes Philemon. I miss you and pray for you weekly!


  2. Karen Ferguson says:

    How does one join your bible studies and how much do they cost. There is no where to sign up.


    1. Kari Dent says:

      Actually there is a link in the post that says “For more information go here.” When you click on the word “here,” it takes you to a sign up page. However, this study is already in progress. If you would like to get on my email list and be notified of the next study, you can sign up here: https://mailchi.mp/2208e12a9663/kari-dent-bible-study-email-list .


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