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Did you miss Bible study last week and want to hear the class discussion? Does your work schedule conflict with class time but you want to take the study with us? Do you live in a different state (or country) and want to take the study with us? Well, you can! You can listen to the weekly class discussion right here. Click on a Lesson below to listen.

*Wearing headphones to listen is highly recommended to hear the comments of everyone in class.


(Leader: Kari Dent)

Galatians Lesson 1 Audio

Galatians Lesson 2A Audio

Galatians Lesson 2B Audio

Galatians Lesson 3A Audio

Galatians Lesson 3B Audio

Galatians Lesson 4 Audio

Galatians Lesson 5A Audio

Galatians Lesson 5B Audio

Galatians Lesson 6A Audio

Galatians Lesson 6B Audio



(Leader: Kari Dent)

Covenant Lesson 1 Audio

Covenant Lesson 2 Audio

Covenant Lesson 3 Audio (Guest Leader: Ian Dent)

Covenant Lesson 4 Audio

Covenant Lesson 5 Audio

Covenant Lesson 6 Audio

Covenant Lesson 7 Audio

Covenant Lesson 8 Audio

Covenant Lesson 9 Audio

Covenant Lesson 10 Audio

Covenant Lesson 11 Audio

ACTS: The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You
(Leader: Kari Dent)

ESTHER – A Man, a Woman who Lives for the Good of God’s People
(Leader: Kari Dent)

EXODUS: Let My People Go
(Leader: Kari Dent)

EZEKIEL PART TWO: When My Sanctuary Is in Their Midst Forever
(Leader: Kari Dent)

EZEKIEL PART ONE: Then You Will Know that I Am the LORD
(Leader: Kari Dent)

GENESIS (4 Parts)

(Leader: Kari Dent)

LEVITICUS: A Holy God – A Holy People
(Leader: Kari Dent)

Lord, Help Me Grow Spiritually Strong in 28 Days
(Leader: Cindy Redding)

Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days
(Leader: Kari Dent)

(Leader: Kari Dent)

REVELATION: Behold, Jesus is Coming (New Inductive Study Series)
(Leader: Kari Dent)

ROMANS (Four Parts)
(Leader: Kari Dent)

(Leader: Kari Dent)