The Lighthouse


Second only to the Word of God, Christian radio has had the biggest impact on my walk with God. Christian radio is where I first heard the sound, biblical teaching of spiritual giants such as Charles Stanley, David Jeremiah, Kay Arthur, Elisabeth Elliot, Tony Evans, Larry Burkett, and so many more. Even though I have never met most of them and some have already gone home to heaven, I consider them my mentors.

I have had the surprising privilege of being an on-air minister at The Lighthouse, a local Christian radio station, for two decades. We are one of the few Christian radio stations that has not been bought out by a large conglomerate that, instead of seeking to further the kingdom of God, is simply filling a niche in the market. At The Lighthouse, if you listen, you are FAMILY! This is a radio station that is less about the music and more about the ministry.

You can click here to listen online anywhere in the world. Or you can download The Lighthouse app in the Apple or Google Play stores. Thanks for listening!