My Favorite Things 2020

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Black Friday will look quite different in 2020 than in years past. I think that is a good thing that has come out of this trying year. Perhaps we have all learned to appreciate the simple things in life a little more. Hopefully, we have learned to invest more in the eternal than the temporal.

So, here is my list of gifts to help those on your list celebrate what this season is truly all about – that God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16)!

(Here are my favorite things lists from 2018 and 2019 if you’re interested!)

  1. The Wiersbe Bible Commentary 2 Volume Set (OT and NT) is one of the best Bible commentaries I have found. Warren Wiersbe is scholarly but doesn’t require a PhD in theology to understand. He is practical, biblical, and has become indispensible to my studies. Any student of God’s Word on your list will love this set. (I also love Wiersbe’s “Be Series” with a volume for every book of the Bible.)
  2. I love these beautiful Scripture Cards! They are lovely and affordable. What’s better than that?
  3. Another Gospel by Alisa Childers is a must read. I cannot stress enough the importance of this book to Christians today. Another gospel is being spread in the church, and it is unbiblical and heretical. Christians need to know how to combat it. Through extensive research and her own personal story of almost being taken in by it, Alisa will arm you with the facts you need. When you order, just go ahead and buy two of these books – one to give to someone else and one to read yourself!
  4. Nothing, and I mean nothing, says Christmas like a German Christmas Pyramid. We bought one on a cold, snowy day at a Christmas festival in Munich 15 years ago, and it is one of my favorite decorations to bring out every year. This one depicts the nativity underneath an Alpine-inspired roof and shingles. It is a beautiful piece to add to anyone’s Christmas decor but is special enough to display all year.
  5. I love a good advent calendar, and this Names of Jesus Advent Calendar is gorgeous. It comes with everything you need to share the names of Jesus with your family every day leading up to Christmas. And it creates a lovely display as you go. This one is a keeper. Well, it’s a giver, too! (This Names of Jesus Advent Ornament Book is a good one, too.)
  6. For the kids on your list, I just discovered these Transparent Glitter Stacking Crayons. I am in love! Every child I know is getting these, including my children’s church class. (Shhh! Don’t tell them!) They would be fun to use when teaching kids how to mark key words when doing inductive Bible study. My children’s church kids absolutely love the hidden picture activities I print out from Answers in Genesis, and these stacking crayons will be a fun way to mark them. Or you could get these Hidden Picture Books from Highlights. Those with the stacking crayons together would make a great low-tech gift!
  7. I have discovered pillow covers on Amazon. Have you? Well, you’re about to. They are gorgeous, high quality, and so affordable. These Scripture pillow covers are so pretty and are available in 11 different verses. (Please note, these are the covers only. You’ll have to get your own insert which you can find here.)
  8. These beautiful highlighters are a great gift for just about anyone on your list. They are called “mild liners” because of the soft colors. They don’t scream at you from the page like the ubiquitous flourescent ones.
  9. You know I cannot make a list of Christmas gift suggestions without adding my favorite Bible to it. As always, the New Inductive Study Bible (NASB) is what I recommend. It is like having 66 Bible study workbooks in one volume. (It is also available in ESV.) At the beginning of each book, there are instructions on how to do an overview of that book. At the end of each chapter is an At a Glance chart that, once filled out, becomes a valuable reference tool. It’s the only Bible I recommend. If you’d like a free class on how to study your Bible, listen here.
  10. Finally, these next gifts are probably the best and most meaningful gifts you could give anyone in the year 2020. So many people around the world are suffering terribly from the collateral effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. PLEASE consider giving a generous donation to one (or more!) of these worthy organizations: Operation Christmas Child gives a shoebox packed full of gifts to children in need all around the world. In 2019, 10.5 million children in over 100 countries received a shoebox. Hope and Help International has adapted most of their outreach actitivies to COVID-19 relief providing food, clothing, medicine, masks, and encouragement to those suffering the most in South Asia. One of my favorite ministries is Open Doors USA. They are not only responding to the desperate needs around the world due to the pandemic, but they are also equipping the church to face the next crisis. A gift to any one of these ministries could be the best thing you do this year.

I hope that gives you some ideas and inspiration for your holiday shopping. Don’t just give a gift. Give a gift that will have an impact on the life of the recipient long after December 25. Merry Christmas!

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