Prayer Journal

As part of my morning time with God, I keep a prayer journal. I list different people and situations to pray for each day. I also sometimes write out my prayers – especially when I feel overwhelmed and am having trouble putting my prayers into words. I use a small spiral notebook for this and change it every few years. It’s encouraging to go back and see how God has answered and how I have grown.

A plain notebook works just fine. However, at Christmas last year someone sent me this beautiful prayer journal, and I have really enjoyed using it. On each page there is a place for the date and there are 4 boxes. The boxes say “Today’s Verse,” “Lord, teach me to…,” “I am thankful for…,” and “Prayer Requests.”

I have enjoyed using this journal so much that it has sort of become my go-to gift. It is lovely, simple, reasonably priced, and easy to use.  I think you’ll enjoy it, too!

You can also get a pretty Bible Study Journal and a Sermon Notes Journal. I want them all!

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