Key Word Symbol Sheets in Spanish

I have been working on these for quite some time and finally have them complete. They are my A-Z Key Word Symbol Sheets in Spanish. I hope you are as excited about them as I am.

Precept Ministries has many inductive Bible study (IBS) resources in Spanish. Check them out here.

Marking the text is a very helpful tool of IBS, but sometimes trying to think of a way to mark a key word hinders us from actually doing it. My KWS Sheets are designed to help you get past that hurdle and get busy marking. Remember: you are always free to mark a word any way you want. There’s no right or wrong way! And the point of marking is to interact with the text so that you can learn about God and know Him better.

I hope these A-Z KWS Sheets in Spanish will help you do that. Click here to download and print the Spanish sheets. Click here to access my other KWS Symbol Sheets – mostly in English but some German, too!

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