What is my spiritual gift?

Have you ever wondered what your spiritual gift  is? Or maybe you didn’t know that you have a spiritual gift. God’s Word teaches that each believer is given at least one charisma (gift of grace, divine gratuity, spiritual gift) by the Holy Spirit at the moment of salvation. Knowing your gift helps you accept your place in the body of Christ and helps you function properly within the body and, therefore, causes the whole body to function properly. Best of all, God is glorified most when we are fulfilling His purpose in our lives.

How can you find out what your spiritual gift is? There are several ways. First, study God’s Word and pray. The primary passages dealing with this subject are Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4, and 1 Peter 4. Precept Ministries has a wonderful study on Spiritual Gifts in their Precept Upon Precept series that goes into these passages in depth. (Order a workbook here.) They also have a less in-depth study in their 40 Minute Study Series here. Second, ask a godly Christian who knows you pretty well what he or she thinks your gift might be.

Another way is to take a spiritual gifts test. Be careful with this and remember 2 things: (1) Any test, no matter how good, is still written by man and is, therefore, fallible and (2) you need to understand the scriptural definition of each gift before you can properly understand how to use your gift.

I have scoured the internet for online spiritual gifts tests, and there are a few that are okay. However, the best one I found is this one from LifeWay. It not only has the most comprehensive list of the spiritual gifts found in Scripture, but it also seems to produce pretty accurate results. I took it myself, and it seemed right on target for me. Do your studying first, then prayerfully take the test.

Lastly, the book 19 Gifts of the Spirit by Leslie B. Flynn is an invaluable resource. It is thorough, biblical, and scholarly. I promise you will learn much from reading it.

Now, go discover your gift and start using it!


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